[국가정책정보협의회 정기총회 주제발표, Nov. 10. ~ 11, 2022] 디지털 혁명이 이끄는 미래 도서관의 역할; 문헌정보 속 경계와 관계 찾기

Dr. Seongsoo Choi’s talk at 국가정책정보협의회 정기총회 및 세미나, The K-Hotel, Gyeongju, KOREA (The materials below to continuously be updated through this feed if needed) … Read More

[SGPF Talk #1, Aug. 20, 2022] Introductions – Metacomputing, Quantum Computing, Metaverses’ Sustainability Innovation; Necessary Elements

The main contents of this postingaddressed in the Seoul Branch Meeting (Aug. 20, 2022), Socienty of Global Ph.D. Fellows (SGPF)(Presented by Dr. Seongsoo Choi, Chairman of Metacomputing … Read More